A New Partnership with Morehead Cain

The Joyce Ivy Foundation has recently announced a partnership with the Morehead-Cain Foundation, which administers scholarships to promising leaders at the University of North Carolina. 

An extremely prestigious and life-changing scholarship, the Morehead-Cain grants full tuition, room, and board to students, as well as four fully funded summers. By taking away financial restraints and giving access to a vast alumni network, Morehead-Cain grants its scholars with opportunities that are impossible to find elsewhere. A typical Morehead-Cain scholar will not only receive a free education, most likely at the Honors College, at one of the nation's most well-regarded public institutions, but will also be able to pursue internships and opportunities around the world during the summer. Each scholar also receives a Discovery Fund of $8000, which can be used to pursue any interest or opportunity including classes, workshops, conferences, and independent research. Receiving the scholarship is only the beginning.
In order to be considered for this prestigious scholarship, a student has to be nominated by their school or a nominating organization. All schools in North Carolina qualify, but only select institutions out-of-state and across the world are able to do so. Joyce Ivy is now a nominating organization, along with LEDA, JCKF, Rainier Scholars, and some international organizations.

Last year, roughly 2100 students were nominated, of which about 560 were from out of state. About 70 of those out-of-state students were named finalists, and, finally, 59 students (both in state and out-of-state) received the scholarship. About 1/3 of recipients hail from outside of North Carolina.

To read the official press release, click here.
To learn more about the Morehead-Cain Scholarship, click here.

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