Deciding on a School to Commit to

by Jaynab Akhtar, JIF’ 17

            May 1 is known as National College Decision Day, and it is the day students across the nation formally commit to a college or university by paying an enrollment deposit that secures their spot in the class. Before formally promising to attend a school, there are some things to consider.

1.  Size and Location:  It is important to consider how comfortable you feel on campus, and how large or small that campus is. Think about your wants and needs. Do you want a small, close-knit environment or a large one that could be its own city? How far is it from home? Are you going to commute, dorm, or even fly out there?

2.  Academic and Extracurricular activities:  Perhaps this is common sense, but does the school offer the major and/or pre-professional resources that you are interested in? Are there opportunities for internships and research? What about activities outside of the classroom that you’d be interested in.

3.  Campus feel:  Campus visits are extremely important in this respect. Can you see yourself on campus, attending classes, staying in a dorm, eating in the dining hall, etc? Do you feel at home or comfortable in your surroundings? Does the prospect of attending this school excite and invigorate you? 

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