Looking Ahead After College Rejections

by Jaynab Akhtar, JIF’ 17

       This past month was probably a very stressful and anxiety-inducing one for most of us, as we received admissions decisions for our Regular Decision applications to colleges. A congratulations is obviously in order for those who have been admitted to their dream schools, but for those who have not, know that this is most certainly not an indication of your intelligence and academic success. Highly motivated students (like our Joyce Ivy Scholars and Fellows) will definitely find success wherever they go.

       Having said that, it is no secret that rejection hurts. A lot. It might feel like all of your hard work and dedication, all those sleepless nights and after school activities, were all for naught. That is not true at all. Your academic achievements are an indication of the success that will come to you no matter which college you attend. It is now important to look ahead and consider the options you do have. Deciding on a school to commit to requires time and consideration; now would be a good time to attend admitted student receptions, sit down with counselors, and think about paying enrollment deposits and signing up for orientation. It is completely understandable and natural to feel defeated and dejected. But know that this is not the end, but a beginning: the beginning of your journey into another exciting and prosperous phase of your life. 

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