Juggling College Athletics

Some girls on the swim team and I (in grey) at our annual pool party to start off the season
By: Shelby Ripp
With a few months now under my belt as a collegiate athlete, I thought I would share my thoughts on what it is like and how I juggle it. I started swimming when I was five years old and knew that I always wanted to continue swimming. This was one of the factors that played into my college search and ultimately helped me get to where I wanted to be. College athletes are a small percentage of the total population, and this is in part because of the extensive time commitment involved in being a varsity athlete. I swim at a division three school which essentially means that academics are our primary focus. This does not mean that the swimming is not intense and time consuming. We practice and lift just like other teams several times a week, and meets do tend to steal my Saturdays. However, despite the sometimes tedious time commitment and the minor interferences with everyday life, I do not consider it a burden. First, many professors and classes are able to work around my practice schedule. There is flexibility for scheduling to work out in your favor as an athlete. Additionally, the community that you become apart of when you are a college athlete is wonderful. There is nothing like the bonding that takes place over a grueling two hour practice at six in the morning. Lastly, I have found that there is still time for you to spend on other passions and school work as well. The college schedule allows for flexibility and time for you to be able to spend on many of your passions as long as you are able to manage it. For more information on time management, check in on my next post!

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