About Us

The Joyce Ivy Foundation is the leading provider of summer scholarships to young women from the Midwest. The Midwest, and especially girls from the Midwest, is often underrepresented at the nation's top colleges and universities. Oftentimes, this is because talented young women from the Midwest are limited by their finances and cultural norms. By providing scholarships for these women to attend summer programs at prestigious universities, the Joyce Ivy Foundation raises college aspirations and encourages young women to expand their comfort zones. To dream bigger.

This blog endeavors to continue that experience by providing talented young women with information and advice from others just like themselves. We target both high school students and college students, striving to provide relevant advice for any young woman who wants to pursue her academic goals and dreams.

Many Joyce Ivy Summer Scholars return to serve the Joyce Ivy community as volunteer Fellows. Most of the posts on this blog are written by them. To read about them, click here.