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Internships 101

Photo Credit: SNL GIPHY Channel Summer is only a few short weeks away. While most may be thinking about days in the sun and a break from school, there is something else that every high-achieving student should think about as well: internships. Whether you want to be a doctor, interior designer, or anything else in between; an internship gives first-hand experience you can’t get in the classroom. Colleges have a multitude of resources dedicated to help students get internships, but what if you’re a high school student just starting out and don’t know where to begin? Then this is the article for you. Before we begin, it is important to recognize that you do need an internship in high school to achieve your academic and career goals. If your summer plans are to volunteer at your library, help support your family by working at a job, or attend a summer program/camp, those are all totally valid and respectable options. Internships are not the end-all be-all to summer plans, they are

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