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Health and Wellness Tips for Battling Seasonal Depression

 By: Ridhima Kodali With winter beginning, completing college applications and school work may be more difficult; especially if you are battling seasonal depression. From my own experience dealing with seasonal depression, I know it can be especially hard to be productive and find motivation during the winter. Here are some health and wellness tips that have helped me become more productive and find motivation during daylight savings and the weather change.  #1 Gratitude Journal When I wake up, I write five things I am grateful for. When I journal about things I am grateful for, I feel as though my day starts with some positivity.  I find that writing what you are grateful for can lead to greater happiness and that’s why — when doing it consistently — it helps me when I am feeling down and unmotivated. In general, journaling is a great outlet to release how you are feeling. #2  Get some time in the sun While the day feels like it’s over at 5 p.m., it’s important to get as much sun as p

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